“the most important thing is to just do it, to practice. And to help others.” – Master Kao

It was never within the young Master Kao’s plan to start teaching martial arts. Yet only two years into practicing, under his then Master’s request, he was already teaching. To the great benefit of his students and future generations to come, according to his own words, “it just happened”.

Master Kao is a lineage holder in some of the most significant lineages for all three important internal martial arts; Hsing-I, Bagua Chang, and Tai Chi.

During the 70s, Grandmaster Chiao requested Master Kao to start openly teaching the esoteric Qi Gong practice of Xi Sui Gong. Xi Sui Gong is literally translated to “washing of the bone marrow” and focuses on cultivating internal (and external) strength by the systematic cleansing of the bone marrow.

Master Kao with Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung

On Grandmaster Chiao’s introduction, Master Kao became a disciple of and learned Chen Tai Chi from Pan Wing Chou, a direct disciple of the legendary “Old Man of Tai Chi”, Chen Fa Ke. In below video Master Pan performs the Chen Tai Chi form.