In the late 70s, Master Kao started to teach Xi Sui Gong to selected students in Malaysia and Singapore, including top government officials and leading business figures. Some of which remain his loyal students up until to date. In 1988 Master Kao moved to the US where he later started teaching a number of senior students the martial arts systems, practice and studying of which he had dedicated much of his life to.

With his decades of travel around the world, his exposure to a wide variety of different cultures, and tireless compassion, Master Kao has an uncanny ability to transmit ancient wisdom to the modern mind. Not only is his martial ability and technique without parallel in the modern world, it is his ability to take the often complicated matters of internal development and translate them into something understandable to the student that makes Master Kao truly unique.

Master Kao has stayed true to the traditional style of teaching martial arts privately in a one-to-one setting and has never organized a seminar or other group teaching for the public. Master Kao passes on his teaching in accordance with old Chinese saying “if there are 6 ears, don’t teach”.

Through recommendations of his students, Master Kao has helped thousands of people all around the world in taking up the ancient Taoist art of Qi Gong to vitalise their health and clarify their mind. Master Kao occasionally accepts new students with a sincere will to learn the ancient Taoist secrets of longevity and happiness.

Master Kao with his four disciples
Master Kao with American discipcles and students.
Master Kao's Vietnamese students in China pilgrimage

Master Kao with Malaysia students